Is it important to say, "GOOD JOB"? #20 Mentorship Lessons

How many times have you done something good at work and just wanted a little recognition?

How many times has an employee called you up with good news and you just brushed it off?

When is the last time you told your boss good job?

When is the last you told a coworker good job?

In the book @7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave by Leigh Branham, the author writes:

Reason #5 Employees leave-Employees fell devalued and unrecognized

Good job! Two very powerful that make all difference in a work place culture and helps you retain team members.

Nevertheless, how often do we hear it or say it?

Recently a friend shared with me a story about a client dinner in which their boss told them good job.

“It was an after work dinner with one of our biggest clients. The client asked me direct questions. How much have they ordered? When was their last order? And I was able to answer every question.”

“At the conclusion of the meeting and once the client left, my boss told me and mind you he looked me directly in the eye’, “I am really impressed with how prepared you were. This was supposed to be a social dinner, but you came prepared to talk business. You had to invest time in knowing their business. You can tell you knowing their business to detail you did, means a lot to them and further secured our business relationship. I am very impressed. You did a Good Job!”

These words meant the world to my friend. I can still hear the emotion in their voice when they retold this story to me. They say encouragement is oxygen for the spirit. A little praise can go a longs way. In this instance, this saying held 100% true.

Saying Good Job, goes both ways as well. There was a time, all I wanted was to hear someone say to me good job. I was voicing my displeasure to a mentor of mine and he asked me, “When was the last time you told your boss good job?” Unfortunately, I could not recall a time in which I did this. He then went onto to say, “Have you ever stopped to consider this may be the reason why they are so grumpy? Your manager/bosses are usually the last person to hear Good job especially from someone who reports to them. I challenge you to find something that you appreciate about your boss and let them know something in which they deserve a good job!” This definitely made me think. My mentor went on to say, “Start the type relationship with your boss that you want to have. Especially if you feel, you can learn something from them. If you do not think can learn something, you can!”

Zig Ziglar said, “When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you’re making a commitment and difference in that person’s life.” Encouragement really does make a difference.

The next time someone’s comes to you with a victory big or small. Cherish it. Stop what you are doing, give them your undivided attention, listen to them and encourage them. Find the good. The next time your boss/manager does something that you appreciate. Let them know. Tell them good job! You might be surprised. No matter how busy we get, never be too busy to say Good job!

Here are 4 simple steps when giving a “Good Job” compliment

1. Be Sincere-If you don’t mean. Don’t say it.

2. Be Specific-Don’t be fluffy. Say your “good job” in exact terms.

3. Acknowledge the effect their behavior had and their character in who they had to be in order to accomplish the Good Job.

4. Be silent-Let them receive the Good job! Let your words soak in.

Do you have story in which a boss told you good job and it meant a lot to you? Please share!

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Is it important to say good job>
Is it important to say good job>

One thought on “Is it important to say, "GOOD JOB"? #20 Mentorship Lessons”

  1. It was after a huge client meeting. I had just retuned from work after some extensive time off. My boss and I had not held a meeting together in approximately 9months. It was a customer that I specialize in but is not a day to day business for our team. I could tell he was a little nervous because he kept asking me a lot of questions in regards to perpetration to the meeting. After the meeting we were walking to the car and he was still not smiling… We had won the business. I asked him if he was ok. His reply is something I didn’t expect and something I will never forget.

    He looked me straight in the eyes and told me he was nervous before the meeting but once it started, he saw how prepared I was he knew he would just let me run the show. He was impressed I came prepared with a few items to challenge the customer to help improve their business instead of just promising the world. That “good job” was something I needed to hear. Thank you Tony Jalan!

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