How to get 10x results from your to do list?

To do lists! 

Have you ever ended your day and at the end of day felt like you got nothing accomplished? You even had a to do list! 

In my experience a lot of time my do lists had turned into big Ol crap lists. 
I would sit down and write a list of all the things I had to do. Cross them off(most of the time the easy tasks) and still end the day at the same spot I started. 

Sure, I checked things off the list, yeah that felt good, but I didn’t achieve what I really wanted to achieve. 

The fact was I was living life play on defense vs offense!

It wasn’t until I learned these simple tips that not only did I become more 10x productive but I also enjoyed less stress, more time with family and achieved 10x better results. 

7 steps to create to do lists that’s get 10x results. It’s important to do them in this order. 

1. Empty your brain. Write out all the things you have to do on paper. Ask yourself, what has to be done? 

2. Figure out what is the end result you want to achieve. If your goal is to produce 10 more sales. What activities off your list will help you achieve those results? 

3. Group similiar activities together into groups. IE Calls, emails, appointments, etc. 

4.  Prioritize the most important tasks that will help you achieve your ultimate goal. Put them first. 

5. Alot an amount of time to each task/group. This is a biggie. Set yourself up for success! If you don’t do this  this is exactly how your to do list turn into crap lists. 

6. Schedule the groups/tasks into your calendar. For example set specific times in your calendar to complete emails. Emails can be the biggest time drain if not scheduled. 

7. Plan your tomorrow today. -I use to rush out the office. Well, guess how my night was? I was stuck thinking about the things I had to do the next day.  The cost of this? I wasn’t present mentally with family and friends.  

Close out your day at the end of the day. Plan tomorrow today. Those 10-20 extra minutes completing the 6 prior steps will make a 10x difference at least it did for me. Plus it’s empowering to wake up and ready to take action vs thinking about making a plan. 

That’s it. These 7 simple steps literally helped me become 10x more productive. 
Give it a try. Let me know how it works out for you. 
Tony Jalan

Better Relationships, Better Leadership, Better Results. 

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