How to 10x your decisions and get better results in 5 steps?

Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking. –            Malcolm Gladwell


How many times have we made a decision to do something and end up repeating the same decision to do something? Why? Because we made a decision, but we didn’t manage the decision.

Here are five steps to 10x the decisions you do make.

1. Ask yourself why you are making a decision. And after you answer that, ask yourself why five more times. Who else does your decision impact? If you don’t do it what are the effects? You will learn that the deeper you go into your decisions that you will create a stronger desire to get it done. Write it down.

2. Set a deadline for the result you are after and write it down.

3. Manage the decision.You cannot manage what you don’t measure.  In my experience, the reasons why I have failed in following through on certain decisions I have made is because I didn’t actively manage the activity . Just this past December I made a decision to release 20 lbs in 3 months. I tracked everything. The food I ate, the exercise and in three months I released 28lbs! Track your food, your spending, your sales calls, your activity, etc daily!!  We lose motivation sometimes because we don’t see progress. When you manage your activity daily. It takes the emotions out of it and makes you get real with yourself. You can also be winning when you think you are losing if you don’t keep score.


4. Find an accountability partner(s). Why are companies like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig successful? One of the biggest reasons is that they have built-in accountability. We are sometimes more accountable to other people than ourselves. Whoever is your accountability partner check in with them at least once per week.

5. Reward yourself along the way. Create milestone markers. Again another reason to track your activity.


The key to 10x your decisions is not only in making them but managing the action behind the decision.
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Tony Jalan

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