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star perfomer

Customer Service reps

Front desk staff

Sales reps





Cab driver

Moreover, the list goes on and on of all the people we come in contact with on a daily basis.

Every day someone makes an impact on our lives small or big.

Every day we also have the opportunity to make an impact small or big on someone’s life.

Meet Sam, the quiet cabbie. Who has a laugh when you uncover it that fill up a room. He has been in this country for 15 years. Sam is from Nigeria. His day includes bringing people to and from their destinations. Business executives. Elderly. People who might have had a little too much evening fun. It ends going back to his one bedroom apartment and he repeats the same process each day.

Recently I had the pleasure meeting of Sam and he reminded me of the lesson of being grateful and the power of showing a genuine interest in others.

Sam moved to this country like so many people. With the hope and dream of the American Dream.

His story fascinated me. When he was about to earn his citizenship he was asked to write a paper on what has impacted him since coming to America. He said, “Thanksgiving! I was amazed of the amazing spread of food. My hosts told me to eat all you want! Eat all I want?! I cannot comprehend. In Nigeria this does not happen.”

When he shared this story. I was like wow. How easy it is take things like Thanksgiving feasts for granted?

Now this story you would not have read about if my friend never asked him how his night was going.

I sat back and watched how my friend brought joy to Sam by simply asking how his day was and taking a genuine interest in his story of how he came to this country. Sam the quiet cabbie came to life.

4 valuable lessons came out of this 15-minute cab ride.

Show a genuine interest in others. Simply start by asking, how they are doing? Those who ask because they genuinely care about me, stand out in my mind. Think about it, how often do people call you just to say hi or find out what is going on in your life?

Everyone is important. No, matter their job, position, or title. When you acknowledge people, you recognize their value and importance. When you meet someone for the first time or greet him or her for the 100th time, you have an opportunity to make a positive impact on him or her.

Be Thankful and say Thank you. In words of Ralph Waldo Emerson. ‘Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. In addition, because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.

No one is superior to you or inferior to you. We can always learn from others if we are willing.

In the end of this cab ride, I will never forget the look of appreciation on Sam’s face. and I will never forget him turning in his seat, looking us in the eye and him Thanking us for choosing him as our cab driver.

Tonight Sam was not just another cabbie. He was Sam from Nigeria that came to America to live the American Dream.

Tony Jalan

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