Tony Jalan

Founder, Owner, and Certified John Maxwell Coach

I believe that the only limits we endure are the ones we place on ourselves. For me, the sky is the limit. It is a philosophy that sparked in me to form the Leadership Crew. I want to help like-minded individuals find the education, support, and motivation they seek. I coach individuals and corporations to become leaders who influence positive change in all those around them.

I grew up with little means. As the oldest of nine children, I came upon a disciplined work ethic from a very young age. For me, excuses were off the table. I discovered that living life to the fullest began on the other side of the uncomfortable. Patience and gratefulness amidst a life of challenges had been my chief virtues.

Looking back to where I started, lending a hand to my fellow people is the cornerstone of my philosophy and the secret to my knack for coaching others. I take pride in giving birth to the Leadership Crew after my initiatives have grown my business’s sales division to a multi-million dollar enterprise in less than four years. I knew in my heart that with the right coaching, others could achieve the same success that I had found.

When I am not coaching, I am a mentor and sales leader at Heartland Payment Systems. I also cherish spending time with my family, fishing, or playing racquetball.

As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker, I offer customized services through the Leadership Crew to encourage you to find the same joyful curiosity and drive to live your dreams.

Leadership Crew can help you find the balance, joy, and success I experienced. I’d love to hear from you to help you start on your leadership journey today.