$84,600 is deposited into your bank account. 5 ways to spend it. #56 Mentorship Lessons

Stop for a moment and imagine a bank that credits your account $86,400 every morning.

However, you have no rollover dollars. It debits back from your account any unused portion.

You snooze you lose! You don’t use it you lose it.  What would you do?

Here is a fact we all have this bank operating in our lives. It’s called TIME!

Every morning we are credited with 86,400 seconds. Each day we begin with a new balance.

Each night the balance is cleared out. There are no postdated checks for tomorrow.

The clock is running for each of us, is it future paycheck. What are some ways to make the most of it?

There was a time and there are still times when I use my “lack of time” as an excuse for “lack of getting it done.” I have come to learn it’s not usually a lack of time or a lack of planning. It’s a lack of discipline to sticking to my plan and understanding what my purpose and desired outcome for my day.

What are some ways to cash in that 86,400 vs feeling like we wasted it?

  1. Schedule Time to do your email, social media– Yes, smartphones can make us dumb and cause us to be in a reactive vs proactive mode. Email as much as it allows us to communicate faster and share information can be an anchor from keeping us from being productive. A mentor said to me, back in the day we called a location and now we call a person. He was right. Do you have vibrate on your phone? Do you have alarms on your computer when a new email comes in? If so all this distracts you from being disciplined. Turn it off the sounds and vibrations.
  2. Make a Top 5 list-Yes the TO Do list keeps us somewhat organized. However, have you ever stopped to consider if the to do list is to daunting? Make a list then choose the top 5 high pay off activities for the day that will lead you to accomplishing the desired outcome for your day! Then write down how much time each activity will actually take! You will find that sometimes our lists are too big and unrealistic. When you assign an allotted time it allows you to prioritize better. End your day with a sense of accomplishment vs a sense of “what did I actually get done today?”
  3. Delegate-Nothing has been ever accomplished by one person alone. Everything great requires a team. What on your list can delegated to someone else?
  4. Plan your day the night before-Ever have sleepless nights thinking of all the things you have do? I have and it stinks! Put it down to paper. Look at your objective for the next day. What is your desired outcome for tomorrow? Plan the night before and you will start your next day in a proactive mode vs a reactive mode.
  5. Schedule a Weekly Review with yourself– NCAA Men’s Basketball Coach John Wooden said, “Be Quick but don’t hurry.” Take the time to really inspect your week. What went well? What can be better? What are some important items for the next week? Awareness is one of the biggest keys to success. If you don’t know where you been. How do you know where you are going?


Hope this helps when the bank deposits 86,400 in your account each morning.


“Before you eat the elephant, make sure you know what parts you want to eat.”

― Todd Stocker,

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Tony Jalan

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  1. Really enjoyed the analogy in the start of this post. Got me thinking about my time as a more valuable substance. Often times it’s hard to since there’s no way to truly measure time.

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